Directed by Kong Ruilang, the crime suspense drama Nobody Nose is adapted from works by three Macau writers. Gordon Lam stars in the Macau-Mainland China co-production which screened at the 3rd Macau International Film Festival.


Former police captain Leung (Gordon Lam) left the force due to mental health issues and now works as a hotel security guard. In his spare time, he collects clues in hopes of solving a case that claimed the life of a colleague three years ago. The killer is still at large to this day.


When an online finance company sets out to establish a new financial platform in Macau, Leung becomes suspicious of the company's executives Simon (Li Dongheng) and Kwok (Jacky Cai). He quits his hotel job and infiltrates the company as an employee. Leung smells a conspiracy, and it may connect to the case he is investigating.

Nobody Nose (2018) (DVD) (Hong Kong Version)